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Starting this Fall, we will launch the ‘Ideas Seminar’ which will involve both (i) talks given by invited speakers on varied topics in probability, statistics and optimization, and (ii) reading groups comprising presentations by students or faculty focused on trying to understand a specific research topic.

The invited talks will be held on Thursdays in Hanes 125 during 4-6 pm. The schedule for the reading group may vary. The dates, times, speaker and topic details will be posted on the RTG and departmental website well in advance.

Jointly organized and funded by the Carolina seminars and the RTG, we will also have a focused research group in Network Representation Learning. The tentative plan right now is to get together approximately twice a month Friday 12:00-1:30 pm. The co-convenors of the Carolina seminar part of this activity are Eran Dayan from the Med school and Jessica Cohen from Psychology and Neuroscience.

We will start off the above seminar with an overview talk on Graph Representation Learning by one of our alums John Palowitch who is currently in Google and is in the same research group as the inventor of Deep Walk.

This endeavor is funded by the NSF RTG grant DMS 2134107.

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