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Latest Past Events

Ideas Seminar: Erik Bates, NCSU

Hanes 125 Chapel Hill

Title: The Busemann process for (1+1)-dimensional directed polymers Abstract: Busemann functions have been decidedly instrumental in advancing our understanding of first-passage percolation and last-passage percolation, both in general and exactly solvable cases.   The Busemann theory has been less developed, however, … Read more

Ideas Seminar: Arunima Bhattacharya, UNC Math

Hanes 125 Chapel Hill

Title: Lagrangian Mean Curvature Equations Abstract: In this talk, we will introduce the special Lagrangian and Lagrangian mean curvature type equations. We will derive a priori interior estimates for the Lagrangian mean curvature equation under certain natural restrictions on the … Read more

Ideas Seminar: Promit Ghosal, Brandeis

Hanes 125 Chapel Hill

Title: Fractal Geometry of the Parabolic Anderson Model in higher dimension. Abstract: Parabolic Anderson model (PAM) is one of the prototypical frameworks for modelling conduction of electrons in crystals filled with defects. Intermittency of the peaks of the PAM is … Read more