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The RTG (Networks and its applications) lecture series will continue this fall with Prof. Rick Durrett (from Duke) speaking about Dynamics on Random graphs. The schedule and information of the lecture series are shown below (1 lecture per week). He is going to cover a wide array of topical research areas, see his new book in progress.

Course information for STOR students:

STOR students may earn credit by registering for STOR 891. Graduate students in the first and second year please attend if interested and do not be daunted. Here is a brief intro to the world of networks. Zoe and Shankar would be happy to talk to you further.

More detail from Rick:

The first two lectures will the first two chapters and should be accessible to individuals who have had an undergraduate course in stochastic processes. Measure theory is not needed. The third lecture will introduce the important topic of obtaining quantitative estimates for the time to equilibrium for Markov chains. In the last three lectures we turn our attentions to process that take place on random graphs and the especially challenging situation in which the graph and the process evolve simultaneously.

Dates and Topics:

1. September 6: Erdos-Renyi random graphs (Ch.1)

2. September 13: Fixed degree distribution (Ch.2)

3. September 20: Random walks (Ch.6)

4. September 27: Coalescing random walk, voter model (Ch.7)

5. October 6: SIR Epidemics (Ch.4)

6. October 11: Dynamics on evolving graphs (Ch.8)

Location and Time: Hanes Hall 120: 3:30-5:00

Zoom location but caveat:

Caveat: Local UNC folks, unless major issues (health, travel etc), please come in person. If there is another lockdown we can switch completely to Zoom but otherwise, if Prof. Durrett is coming in person, we should be there in person and take full advantage of this opportunity.

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